Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spanish classes

We were delighted to find out that our Spanish classes will continue for this year. Sandra, who is in charge of the EPA (adult education classes), telephoned last night to say that there will be a meeting for students tonight at 8pm at he Auditorium. For those who have signed up for the class but can't attend the meeting tonight I will post details on this blog tomorrow.

Sadly Ana, who has taught us for the last three years, will not be continuing for personal reasons. That is sad because Ana is such an excellent teacher who inspires the confidence in her students to progress in their new language. She is also a very kind and thoughtful person.

Instead, we will be taught by Eduardo who Ana assures us is very good. He is apparently nervous about facing us because he doesn't speak English but Ana has assured him that will not be a problem because we are all so good at speaking Spanish - we wish!

I'm sure that all the students from the class, both past and present, would like to wish Ana all the best and thank her for the hard work and effort she put into teaching us. I will, of course pass on your best wishes to her at tonight's meeting.

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