Friday, September 05, 2008

The Mayor's dream

Plans for the new Torrevieja Marina were ceremoniously unveiled last Wednesday by the Mayor, Pedro Angel Hernandez Mateo, together with Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport in Valencia, Mario Flores, and General Director of Ports and Coast, Carlos Javier Eleno Carretero. 

The project looks set to transform Torrevieja Harbour into one of the most impressive ports in Europe.  The plan is to join the western most pier to the eastern most breakwater.  The Acequion beach would then disappear and become a pedestrianised area.  This would, in turn, form a continuous pedestrianised way all the way along the coast, over 4km, along a stretch which would include the Vista Alegre Paseo and the fishing piers. 

The Torrevieja Royal Yacht Club would move, to enable these changes to take place, as would the “Marina Internacional” Sports Port.  The Muelle Pesquero (Fishing Pier) would become a commercial area, with 2,500 underground parking spaces and shops.  A sea walk would also be built along the highest part of the Salt Pier. The project will overcome the problem of traffic in the area with underground tunnels. 

The New Sailing Club and International Marina will be built on platforms above the sea, enabling the architects to gain a large base area. 

The project is set to cost 100 million euros.  It is hoped that private investors will foot 80% of this bill, with the remaining 20% coming from public funds.

Who knows? The Mayor also wanted a new hospital for the town and he got that so maybe the plans for a new seafront are not so far fetched.

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