Sunday, September 07, 2008

More than I can drink

The Entertainments Committee have certainly brought new life to the Albergue at La Pedrera. The disco last night was well attended especially considering that a number of people had been to the restaurant the night before for José's "Dinner with Opera" .

We arrived in good time for Happy Hour with its "Buy One Get One Free" offer. Pam then won second prize in the raffle - 15€ worth of drinks. So we had drinks all night for 4.20€ and even brought a bottle of wine home with us. José will not make his fortune out of people like us!

The lottery draw was close. The first number out of the bag was zero giving 17 people a chance of winning. A second zero brought that down to 3 people. Sadly though nobody had chosen 002 which means that the next draw will be for 350€.

I'm told that a similar lottery on the coast stands at 1,500€. It wouldn't surprise me to see ours get up to a similar figure.

PS José had a new strobe light to play with. Just as well there weren't any epileptics there last night. There's now more lights in that small area than the Hammersmith Palais had.

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