Monday, October 01, 2012

A bit of good news

Amongst all the doom and gloom surrounding the economy of Spain, It is nice to be be able to report some good news now and again.

Most of us are on what is called the Last Resort Rate for electricity. In fact 20 million consumers are on that rate. It was first set in 2009 by the government following the liberalisation of of the market. The cost of electricity has fluctuated since then but this will be the first time that those changes will be reflected in a reduction of the price to customers – in this case by 2.29%.

For those of you who use bottle gas, there will also be a reduction in price of 4.6% bringing the price down to 16.1 euros per bottle. The price of natural gas is not affected.

Many of the houses on our estate are connected to the propane tanks on Calle Escocia that supply gas for central heating and cooking. Since this is commercial propane we should also see a reduction in our costs.

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