Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The main plaza

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Pam and I visited the new shopping mall at La Zenia yesterday.

It did take us awhile to find the place because we tried to take a shortcut which turned out to be a long one! Still we saw parts of the coastal urbanisations we hadn’t seen before.

Once we got to La Zenia Boulevard, Pam and I agreed that it was worth the effort, this is a massive achievement for the designers who have come up with something that is quite spectacular as far as shopping malls go.

Although I like the architectural features of the Thader shopping centre, notably the noria at the entrance, I don’t care much for the journey to it via the AP-7. If I have to go to a shopping centre, then La Zenia Boulevard is a more palatable alternative. I can well see this being a must visit place when my daughters are next over.

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