Sunday, October 28, 2012

I may be speaking too soon

When we first moved in and were on builder’s electricity (supplied by a diesel generator via makeshift cables) the voltage used to fluctuate all the time and we had frequent power cuts.

Once we moved onto mains electricity supplied by underground cables things did improve for awhile. We still got random power cuts, sometimes just for a second or so and other times much longer and the voltage fluctuated at times causing the lights to dim. It was and still is frustrating but then some have dismissed this because it is Spain and the rapid increase in housing during the boom years apparently overloaded the supply.

However, I have noticed that since we have been back from the UK the lights have not been dimming as they did before we left. Checking on my UPS, the voltage has not fluctuated very much and is now staying high at near 250 volts. Before we left, the voltage would drop to 230 and less which is why the lights dimmed and the microwave slowed down.

Has Iberdrola done something to the supply whilst we were away, or is this just a fluke?

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Chris Fair said...

I have equipment that needs to work within voltage tolerances. It is designed to work at 230 volts (Spanish standard). At 250 volts my equipment cuts out (Safety feature!)
Not only is running at 250 volts inconvenient (for example it blows up some sensitive aircon control boards), it also means you are paying more than you should because the extra volts make you meter increment faster!
We need a steady and reduced (230-235)supply and Ibedrola have been contacted but seem unkeen to sort it as they make more profit from us by leaving it at this high rate.
How many of us are suffering? (I know of 3 houses where this is causing problems)