Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recycling Bigastro style

If you have any items you no longer want but that are in reasonable condition, rather than put them in the bins, put them by the bins. I guarantee that within and hour or so they will be gone.

People have cottoned on to the fact that people on our estate dispose of items that are still useable and so they come up with vans to take them away; possibly to use them themselves or to sell on. It is a perfect example of recycling at its best and most effective. 

Our suitcases had seen better days - mine had lost the trim that held the extendable handle in place and had developed a habit of losing wheels that came loose in transit. Pam’s had a problem with the lock such that the combination changed of its own accord. It was time to buy new so we did and the replacements arrived on Monday.

Yesterday, we deliberately left the old cases by the bins at the entrance to the estate in the hope that someone would pick them up. Sure enough, when we returned from our Spanish class a little later, they were gone. We hope they have been taken by someone who will be made good use of them because the cases served us well. 

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