Sunday, October 07, 2012

More on Vista woes

In his comment about my item regarding a neighbour’s problems with Vista, one of my readers tells of the experiences he had with the operating system.

Bill says that he had Vista Home Premium installed on a new machine. For a few months everything was fine and then the problems started.  He reinstalled Vista and everything seemed OK for another few months when he would have to do the same thing again. In the end he gave up and bought netbook computers that ran Windows XP.

The last desktop I owned ran Windows Vista. Like all Windows systems, I had to nurse it with kid gloves making sure that I never installed anything that might upset the fragile infrastructure. In the end, my copy of Vista mostly behaved itself. It would often take an age to load up and sometimes refused to shut down but mostly it was satisfactory – no better or worse. 

Actually, when you look at the various versions of Windows it seems that every other one that Microsoft brings out is a rogue. Windows 95, Millenium edition and then Vista have all caused problems. The ones in-between, Windows 98 SE, XP and now Windows 7 have all been fine. What that says about the forthcoming Windows 8 is hard to judge. Experience tells me to avoid it and wait for Windows 9 instead.

Finally Bill says that he might consider buying Apple in future and I can see sense in that. None of the Apple computers I owned have had a problem with the operating system. Admittedly there were a few flaws with some of the hardware but the software has always been  flawless. For example, my current MacBook Pro has not skipped a heartbeat since I bought it which is more than I can say for any of the Windows PCs, including my current desktop Dell which runs Windows 7.

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