Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who is responsible for our palm trees?

The palm groves at the side of the Segura river outside the city of Orihuela are full of the red palm weevil and are using the path as a route to continue their destruction. The reason why the beetle is not under control is down to the tardiness shown in disposing properly of the trees that have been cut down.

Once the trees are cut down they are supposed to be covered with a tarpaulin to prevent the beetles from flying to the next trees. The cut pieces are then meant to be crushed and sieved to destroy the adults and the larvae that remain inside. Apparently this has not happened in the case of the trees by the river so the weevil is spreading unabated.

As you might expect, the issue is about who is responsible for the work. Unfortunately, whilst they debate who should pay the bill, the weevil is having a field day destroying beautiful old palm trees.  

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