Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out of town

As some of you may know, Pam and I are in England at the moment. This time we are visiting Glenys and Peter in Norfolk. We last visited their house when they first moved to a new home 11 years ago so a second visit was well overdue.

Of course this meant a change of airports. Since we will be moving on to Jemma's house in Wolverhampton on Friday, we chose to fly to East Midlands and hire a car to cross the country. The crazy thing is that the best route from East Midlands to North Walsham takes you south first before you move east.

The day we travelled, the weather was good. In fact we drove across in beautiful sunshine. That was not going to last though and so last night the rain came down in bucket fulls and continued on and off all day today.

However, when you are in good company, bad weather doesn't really spoil your day. 

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