Sunday, October 21, 2012

Such a delight

Having arrived at Wolves on Friday, what should we do yesterday but drive up to Sale to meet up with Laura, Dave and Molly.

The original plan was for them to drive down to the Midlands to go to Monkey World. However, you could not have guaranteed the weather and a rainy day outside could have been a disaster. Plan B was for Jemma, Pamela and I to travel up to Manchester by train but the fares were ridiculous so Jemma volunteered to drive.

It so happened that Disney on Ice was taking place at the MEN so the girls got to see that with Molly whilst Dave and I spent some time with our cameras.

After the show, we all met up and went for a meal. Then it was the tram back to Sale followed by the drive back to Wolves.

It was a long day for Jemma who was shattered by the time we got back to her house. It was a long day for Molly who apparently sat through most of the one and a half hour show without moving. By the time we got to the restaurant for the meal she was tired but soon perked up when the food arrived.

I might be biased here but I reckon I have the most wonderful family a man could wish for. Two delightful daughters, the perfect son in law and words fail me to tell you how good my granddaughter is turning out to be. She is such a little treasure.

Dave told me that the first thing she asked yesterday morning was, "Is Papa coming today?" How could you not love someone who says that. 

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