Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Mobile abuse

You read of countless people having been caught out by their mobile phones – inappropriate calls, text messages and incriminating photos. When the riots took place in England, many of the young people thought they were safe to use their mobile phones to summon up friends to join in with them. Some even used them to post comments on Twitter and Facebook which of course led to their arrest.

Calls from mobiles are recorded* so If you are going to phone prostitutes then it is probably best not to use the company’s Nokia.

According to the Costa Blanca News, Torrevieja Councillor, Daniel Plaza made 49 calls in just two months to prostitutes who had advertised their numbers on the internet. Now, the opposition councillors are calling for his resignation.  

No doubt, Sr Plaza will say he was making the calls as part of some sort of investigation yeah right!

* My reader Charles Smythe is right in correcting me -  I should have said that the numbers called are recorded - not the actual calls. That, of course would be illegal even in Spain 

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Charles Smythe said...

Calls from mobiles are not 'recoded' [sic] (or encoded or even decoded).

You are saying on your site that they are "recorded", I presume. But by whom? Certainly not by the mobile phone companies as it would be well & truly against their terms of use and well & truly contrary to EU practices. Where is your evidence here? Copies of telephone numbers are kept for billing purposes, but aural contents are well & truly out of prying ears.

Oh and by the way, you still don't know the difference between 'lose' and 'loose'.


(PS: thanks for the work that you do on your site which always informs, even if it's sometimes wrong information! LOL)