Saturday, October 27, 2012

Putting it about

As if to further tarnish the reputation of King Juan Carlos, two claimants have asked the courts to subject the king to paternity tests. The requests have been rejected by two courts on the grounds that the monarch cannot be held accountable.

The first, Alberto Sola Jimenez, was adopted as a young child but claims to have unearthed evidence that suggests his birth mother, a daughter of a well-known banking family, may have had an affair with the King.

The second, Ingrid Sartiau claims her mother first met King Juan Carlos in 1956 in Paris and then again in 1966 in Luxembourg where she was conceived.

In an interview earlier this year she said: "My mother told me who my father was while we were watching television. An image of King Juan Carlos flashed up and she said: 'That man's your father.'"

The pair have had DNA tests that show a 91% chance that they share one parent in common (clearly not the mother).

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