Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back on the atack

In the local papers today, Raul Valerio Medina has set out a  further attack on the mayor, Charo Bañuls.

He says that, throughout the current mandate, the PP have created “ a court of the faithful” using the same contractor every time for work in the town. By keeping the cost of contracts below 18,000 euros, the mayor has avoided the need to put the work out to tender.  Medina explains that the self employed contractor set up a company called "Mediterranean Econet SL” which is used for any work undertaken in Bigastro. 

Following the dismissal of Aurelio Murcia (UPLC) from the local government team, Medina also says that a member of the local executive, who ran the campaign for the European elections in May, seems to have taken over the role of supervising work and that the town has bills for over 1,000 euros a month for which there is no record.

As Medina points out, construction was the main source of employment in the town. Since the collapse of the building industry, the unemployment level makes Bigastro one of the worst hit towns in the Vega Baja. There are plenty of companies who are eager to find work.

In conclusion, the PSOE believes that the mayor could be committing crimes of corruption, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds, fraud, prohibited negotiations and also says that  they  want to denounce the illegal financing of the PP. Sounds familiar? These are much the same crimes that the PP accuse the ex-mayor of and they bear a remarkable similarity to the accusations being made against the PP in the Gürtel case.

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