Monday, January 26, 2015

What is the weather doing today?


Readers of my blog will note that I have a link to the AEMET website in the sidebar which tells the weather over the next three days ( six if you click on the word AEMET bottom left in the box).

AEMET is the State Agency for weather and as such is usually a reliable source of information.

There is however, a more local source of information at MeteOrihuela , a web site maintained by Pedro José Gómez. His Facebook page has over 8,700 followers and is the most popular source for weather information in Spain.


Untitled-2 If you want a forecast of the weather, look to the bottom of the web page where you will find this box.

Hover your mouse over the weather symbol to find out what the conditions will be for that day.

e.g. I have hovered my mouse over today to find that it will be sunny with the humidity at 42%.

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