Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RIP Carol Hawes

One of our neighbours died recently, her funeral was held yesterday. Unfortunately Pam and I had two important engagements in Torrevieja which we could not rearrange at short notice. We therefore were unable to attend.

We have sent our condolences to the bereaved husband and family.

I always believed that women tended to outlive their men but that has not proven to be the case at Villas Andrea. Since we moved here, there have been more women die than men, we counted at least six. Since most of us were of retiring age and beyond when we came here, it should come as no surprise that there have been a number that have passed away. There are also a fair few few who have returned to Britain or moved on elsewhere and have lost touch so we cannot speak of their condition.
Carol passed away at Vega Baja.

Whilst most praise the health care that we receive here, those that have experience of local hospitals will tell you that Vega Baja is the one that is showing its age and is the one that is suffering from overcrowding. Patients are regularly sent home only to have to return when their condition worsens. I read this morning that there were at least a dozen patients yesterday who had been left out in passageways at Vega Baja because there was no room for them in the wards.

Those who attend clinics at the hospital will tell you of the difficulties in finding a parking space and of the over crowding in waiting areas. On the other hand, the newer hospital at Torrevieja is a much more pleasant experience and of course the private hospital that was San Jaime is almost like a four star hotel.

You cannot chose the hospital that you are sent to, Vega Baja is the local hospital for this area. Only if you need treatment that is not available at Vega Baja do you get sent elsewhere which might be Torrevieja, San Jaime, Elche or even Alicante.  

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