Sunday, January 25, 2015

Medieval Market

Orihuela Medieval Market
The fifteenth edition of the Medieval Market in Orihuela will take place between Friday 30th January and Sunday 1st February. That is a week earlier than it has been so the organisers have their fingers crossed for fine weather.

The plan is to have more street entertainment than in previous years and to have the various shows and performances distributed throughout the three days.

Seventeen out of the eighteen Moors and Christian groups will be present as of course will the Armengola for this year, Almudena Meseguer.

I prefer to go on Friday when it is less busy because that is a better time for photographs. Saturday and even more so Sunday, it will be packed with hardly any room to move in the narrow streets of the old town. I am told that it is more atmospheric at night.  To be honest,  I have never stayed until after dark because it can get really cold.

Those of you who go will notice a lot of well dressed Spaniards about because this is very much an occasion to show off their Sunday best. You may also notice the well heeled walking past the stalls without giving them a glance because there is nothing on offer that they would want to buy or, more to the point be seen to be buying.

They may stop at one of the various places to eat and partake in some food washed down with a drink. Mostly though they will be promenading, passing greetings to their friends as they move slowly along, hoping that they are seen by those they most wish to impress.

For avid people watchers the Medieval Market is pure heaven.  I shall be there with a more discreet camera than before hoping to get some interesting pictures for you. 

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