Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bárcenas speaks out

Having left jail, the ex-treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, has spoken out and revealed that the prime minister DID know of the B account right from the beginning.

 He also says that the accounting was real , every last payment detailed in the accounts was made in the form of envelopes delivered by Alvaro Lapuerta.

 Bárcenas takes full responsibility for what went on but adds that it was the party that benefited not him.

According to his statement, the B account dates back to the time when José María Aznar was chief executive of the party and Rosendo Naseiro  was the treasurer.

 Regarding the notion that he has personal accounts in places like the Cayman Islands. Bermuda and Singapore, Bárcenas says it is not true. The only money he has is in Switzerland which he claims he earned.

 Is it any wonder that the Gürtel case is taking so long to investigate with so many twists and turns to the story and so many high ranking politicians implicated.

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