Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bah, humbug!

When we first came here, Antonio manned the Post Office and he did so very well. Since he left, we have had a succession of people in there who do not seem to be as efficient particularly when they first arrive – perhaps they are trainees, I can’t say!

The other day Pamela called to collect a parcel and waited over 20 minutes. The new lady behind the counter had to resort to phoning for help several times and that slowed things down. I understand that some of the transactions are a lot more complicated than just weighing a letter and stamping it and they take time but still it is frustrating.

When Pamela eventually got to the front, she was told that she could not have the parcel – why?

Pamela needed to provide identity. In the old days we had identity cards which were just fine but our new Residencia does not include a photo so that is not acceptable. No matter, she had her driving licence which has a photo and also her NIE number on it but apparently that was still not acceptable.

The new lady told Pam that she must have her passport. Of course we do not carry our passports with us, who would?

Damn, blast and sod it, we have to go back down this morning armed with out passports and hope that the queue today is a lot shorter.

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