Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Nobody told us

The last time we went to see the Three Kings parade in Bigastro, they went to the park and there handed out presents. It seems that all that has changed.

First off, all three were on the same float, well that made sense. The parade started off with Sponge Bob and friends, followed by a troupe of people in Medieval costume throwing a large ball about. Then there was a group of dancers who performed to the Mariah Carey hit, “All I Want For Christmas” – they were very good. Finally we had the Three Kings with pages throwing out bags of those cheese puffs and balls to the crowd.

Instead of going to the park, the cavalcade went to the town square. Whilst Sponge Bob and co waited outside, the Three Kings went into the church to offer their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus which I think was more appropriate.

One note of embarrassment for the town hall. The Christmas lights on Calle Purisima stayed off until the parade had almost finished. The one night when they needed to be on was last night. It didn't spoil the magic and illusion for the young children who were there though.

You can see my pictures in the album linked to from the left hand sidebar. 

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