Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let’s look at the weather

With an eye to the Medieval Market next weekend in particular.

AEMET is usually a fair guide as to what we can expect although, like all forecasting, they do get the timing wrong sometimes.

Today should be sunny and dry with a pleasant high of 19 degrees. There will only be the lightest of breezes to cool things down.

Monday could be a little more chilly as we see more cloud cover. After that, it will warm up nicely towards next weekend.

Friday looks promising with a forecast high of 20 degrees even though there could well be a little more cloud about. However, we may find the wind has picked up  but that should not trouble those who go to the market in the narrow streets of the old town.

By Saturday there could well be more cloud about, temperatures should still be pleasant and the wind may well have dropped to give way to perhaps a light shower or two.

There is no forecast for Sunday yet but I imagine it will still be pleasant. Let’s hope I am right for the benefit of those Spaniards out in their expensive clothing. The last thing they will want to do is cover up with an old coat!

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