Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Lady luck comes to Torrevieja

Those that miss out on the Christmas raffle often buy tickets for El Nino in the hope they will have better luck with the son of the fat one.

It worked for those that bought tickets numbered 43,743 from the the lottery shop overlooking the market square in Torrevieja where ten of the tickets were sold for the second prize, each one worth 75,000 euros.

The shop doesn't know as yet all of the lucky people yet because they do get a lot of visitors calling in to buy tickets. One man though, 48 year old Santiago de la Rosa, arrived in the morning to ask how he could claim his winnings. It seems that he has been unemployed for four years and his children are also unemployed so he says the money will come in handy. That leaves nine other tickets to be accounted for.

For many, the area around the Central Market in  Torrevieja is a place "blessed" by lady luck.  Apart from yesterday’s prize, the office sold tenths of El Gordo in 2008 and have sold many other sweepstake prizes including a 382,000 win on the EuroMillions. A street vendor outside the office also sold twenty tenths from El Gordo which he had bought in Mazarrón. They were worth 8 million euros.

So, if you are into gambling on the lottery, maybe that is the place to go to buy your tickets.

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