Thursday, October 30, 2008

It all started in February

Investigations into city planning irregularities in Bigastro started in February according to Raúl Valerio Medina, councillor for urbanism. Medina hasn't specified what information was requested from him but does say that Court No 3 in Orihuela has been in contact with him in person and by fax regularly since the investigation began.

It is now thought that the issue relates to 1,500 square metres  of land in  the Poligono Apatel  (industrial estate), at the exit of Bigastro to Jacarilla. 160,000€ was paid  to the Town Council  for the re-classification of the land from green zone to urban land for building.

It is also thought that there may be further arrests as the net widens to encompass others who may have been involved.

In the meantime, the Alcalde, José Joaquín Moya and the town clerk, Antonio Saseta spent another night in the Alicante gaol awaiting their court appearance which will probably take place tomorrow. 

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