Saturday, October 11, 2008

When it rain it floods

The torrential rains that hit the south eastern coast have left a trail of old and new problems on the Orihuela Costa.

Deep pools of stagnant, fetid water, tainted with sewage, remained for days after the flooding when, once again, the drainage infrastructure failed to cope with it. The 40 pumps installed on this part of the coast were unable to cope with the demand.

Residents in the urbanisations of La Zenia, as well as the four- star La Zenia hotel, have had to cope with burst sewage pipes, something which happens every time there is a deluge of rain.

Other problems include a lack of drainage on the roads, where water levels can reach over a metre in depth, forcing drivers to zigzag through the streets. The flooding also regularly creates a deep lagoon beside the N-332 highway and vehicles frequently end up in this deep well of water.

In an area which gets heavy rain most years at this time, you would think that the local councils would take preventive measures to ensure that flooding does not occur. OK ,we don't need salt and grit for the winter but we do need better drainage on the roads.

On our estate there is a storm drain that runs alongside Calle Le Vegan which keeps the road clear until it reaches the junction with Calle Cañada de Andrea. At that point the water spills out  onto the road causing severe flooding until it reaches the water collector at the bottom of the estate. 

Would it not have been better to have either built the water collector further up the road or to have continued the storm drain down to meet it?

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