Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The airport delay

Yesterday it took us well over an hour to check-in and pass through security at Manchester Airport.

First there was the queue to check-in which snaked across the check-in lounge. Then we had to queue to get into the area where they check your boarding card. Worst though was the queue to go through security. Just as well that we arrived at the airport in good time.

Once through security, you have to snake through the duty free area to get to the gates. Not that you could buy anything there because there is no room in the overhead lockers on the planes to take extra bags.

Now that budget airlines charge for hold luggage, more people are arriving with the largest cabin size case they can find which quickly fills up the space in the overhead lockers. Yesterday people brought so much onto the plane that some of the cabin luggage had to go in the hold.

I did wonder what things will be like at the height of summer - a nightmare I dare say.

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Pete said...

Manchester is really weird. I think the best and worst check in experiences I've had have all been at Manchester, and it doesn't seem to follow any set pattern.

Lots of sleazyjet and Ryan flights go to/from Liverpool these days, and that's worth looking at as well.