Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaned out

As if the crisis in the construction industry wasn't bad enough, Vicente Martínez, arrived at the premises of his company, Excavaciones Jovimar in Algorfa on Friday morning to find it had been cleaned out.

The thieves took two trucks, a mini excavator, along with tools and machinery worth over 200,000 euros. Amongst the haul, there were three pneumatic hammers, a water extracting pump, a welding machine, a tarmac cutting machine, a pressure washer and 4,500 litres of fuel - none of which was insured.

Once the thieves had broken in, they turned all the security cameras towards the ceiling and then took the video recorder and the tapes thus removing any evidence of the break in.

The police suspect that the stolen vehicles may have already been transported on a trailer to Eastern Europe for sale. The fear in Algorfa though is that the thieves will use the machinery to commit further robberies in the area.

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