Friday, March 13, 2009

I hope the sun shines

For next Saturday, 21st March, the Council of Promotion in Bigastro has organised the first "Gala del Comercio" which will be held in the Parque Municipal “Huerto del Cura”.

The intention of this event is to showcase the range of products and services available locally from clothing boutiques, shops selling accessories for adults and children, shoe shops, opticians, beauty treatment salons, hairdressers, etc. The aim is to encourage people to look no further than their own town for these types of services.

At the Gala, the results of the contest, “Dresses for a Queen” will be announced. You will remember that fashion students and designers were invited to produce designs for the dresses that the Queens will wear at the August Fiesta “San Joaquin 2009”.

Taking part in the gala will be:

Lola`s Boutique, Big Shop , La Tienda de Eva , Julio Díaz,Calzado Carmen Manzano, Peluquería Mª Carmen, Peluquería New Look, Peluquería Hairmania, Estética Noelia García, Estética Mª Paz, Estética Eladia, Centro de Nutrición y Estética Yolanda , Floristería Las Calas, Joyería – Relojería Grau, Óptica Lorente, Decoración Descanso, La Boutique de la Mascota, Papelería y Regalos "De la A a la Z", Gimnasio Dora Spot

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