Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A facelift for Calle Purísima

Calle Purísima, the main commercial artery of Bigastro, is to receive a facelift thanks to the Government funding (the Feil). Out of the 1,165,000 euro budget that the town will receive, 200,000 euros has been planned for this project in its first phase. A further 400,000 euros will come from the Plan de Obras y Servicios de la Diputación to fund the second phase.

The mayor, Raúl Valerio Medina says that the street will be closed entirely to traffic which he claims will make it a more pleasant environment for shoppers. The centre of the street will have a stone pavement, the street lighting will be replaced along with the existing street funiture, there will be benches for people to sit on and ornamental planting to make it more attractive.

Meetings have already taken place with the association of retailers of Bigastro, Acobi to discuss these plans.

I expect there will be some opposition from those used to parking close to shops but on the whole, I imagine most will appreciate being able to walk along  Calle Purísima without having to dodge cars and vans. It will certainly make shopping in the town a more pleasant experience and hopefully encourage people to spend their money in the town rather that go elsewhere.

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