Saturday, March 14, 2009

Restoring the past

To commemorate the 250th anniversary of the sculpture of 'San Pedro en su Arrepentimiento' (Saint Peter in repentance) by Francisco Salzillo, 1759, the Archicofradía del Pilar y Real Cofradía de El Lavatorio in Orihela, presented yesterday the restored image of the Saint.

Following x rays using a machine that creates a 3D image from a series of views, the iron frame inside, that was damaging the wood has been replaced with a more suitable material. The statue has also been cleaned to remove environmental soiling and the oxidized varnishes that were masking the original paintwork. Finally the paintwork has been restored to bring back the colour and the depth of paint.

You can see this magnificent sculptural figure in the Museo de Semana Santa and on parade during Semana Santa.

The director of IVACOR has announced that by July they will finalise the process of restoration of the Glorious Standard of the Oriol. The restoration of the standard has been a slow process because it was badly damaged. For this reason and to avoid further damage to the fabric, the Glorious Standard will now be returned to Orihuela as a museum piece, to be displayed in a cabinet.

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