Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Semana Santa in Bigastro

Information about Holy Week in Bigastro

Wednesday, 1st of April
19.30 - 22.00: Celebración penitencial

Viernes de Dolores, 3rd of April
22.00: Via Crucis by the streets of the municipality (itinerary Procesión de San Joaquin)

Domingo de Ramos, 5th of April
11.30: Benediction of the palms in the park "Huerto del Cura". Procession and Mass.

Miércoles Santo, 8th of April
19.00: Holy Mass

Jueves Santo, 9th of April
17.00: Holy Mass
19.00:  Celebration of the Last Supper
22.00:  Holy Hour

Viernes Santo, 10th of April
11.00:  Holy Hour Santa before the Monument
17.00:  Celebration of the "Passion of Christ"
18.00:  Vía Crucis

Sábado Santo, 11th of April
23.00 Celebration of the Vigilia Pascual

Domingo de Resurrección, 12th of April
07.15:   Procession of the Encounter and Holy Mass

Monday, 20 of April
09,00:  Procession with the Santísimo and Holy Mass

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