Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The end of an era

The Villas Andrea Residents' Association was formed at a packed meeting held up at the Albergue in 2005 and was finally dissolved last night by a meeting of no more that forty people.

Following the Treasurer's report, a vote was taken to decide whether the committee should continue. The result was unanimously in favour of continuing with a Residents' Association. The Chairman then announced the resignation of three members of the Committee including his own.

In order for the committee to continue, they needed at least two new members including a chairman (or to be politically correct a chairperson). There were no nominations nor were there any volunteers. Reluctantly, the Chairman said that, in these circumstances, the Committee would not want to continue so VARA would no longer exist.

The Residents' Association Committee did not always enjoy the full support of the community they represented. There were several stormy meetings where the atmosphere was tense and insulting remarks were made to both Allan and Jim during their terms of office.

I believe that everyone who served on the committee did so with integrity and with the best intentions for the community at heart. However, if you bang your head against a wall for long enough it starts to hurt. Being a member of the VARA Committee was starting to hurt so it was probably as well to call it a day.

I don't think we should let this pass without thanking all the people who sat on the Residents' Committee. In particular we should thank Allan White whose idea it was to have a committee in the first place and was chairman in the inaugural years. We should also thank Jim Ryder who took over from Allan last year. Lastly we should make special mention of Ron Hawes who has served faithfully on the committee since its inception.

It may not have seemed so at times but we all appreciate what you have done on our behalf.

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