Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The daily headlines

In certain UK newspapers, the problems of the world seem to have taken a back seat to the drama of Jade Goody's cancer as day by day they document her demise.

As I remember it, Jade Goody appeared on Big Brother 3 in 2002 and became the target of ridicule in the British tabloid press for displaying an appalling lack of general knowledge. For example; she thought that Cambridge was in London. When she was told that Cambridge is in East Anglia, she assumed that meant it was abroad, and referred to it as "East Angular".

Since her appearance on Big Brother, Goody has appeared on many TV reality shows and regularly appeared in magazines like Heat and OK! She had an autobiography published, has produced seven fitness DVDS and has perfume named after her.

It would be wrong to say that she has no talent; after all she became a celebrity without any of the normal requisites for such status. It is sad that her life will shortly come to an end. Most people would want for privacy in her circumstances but I suppose for Jade Goody this is the ultimate reality experience.

I have to admit, I shall be glad when the show is over and the world can focus on more pressing issues once again.

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