Saturday, September 15, 2012

A lesson not yet learnt

Princess Diana was pursued relentlessly by the paparazzi in their bid to get intimate photos of her. Using an extreme telephoto lens, one did in fact get pictures of her sunbathing topless. Now that Diana’s son, William is married to the beautiful Kate Middleton, it is obvious that the paparazzi will target her in the same way.

However, the couple must have thought they were safe when holidaying in the South of France and so Kate removed her bikini top whilst sunbathing. Little did she realise that just 1,000 yards away a cameraman was armed with a long telephoto lens just waiting for some shots of the couple. He got lucky and sold them to Closer magazine who published them in the French edition. Now the royal palace are looking to sue the magazine and prevent the pictures going viral across the Internet. Too late, an Italian magazine already says it will also publish the photos and if you search for them, you will find them.

In my opinion there are two sides to this story. Yes, it is wrong to invade someone's privacy in the way that the paparazzi do but at the same time, the royal couple should have shown more discretion just as Harry should have shown more discretion in Las Vegas. They must have known there was a public road nearby with a view of the area they chose to sunbathe in. 

The magazine’s editor says that she can see nothing wrong with the pictures which show a beautiful young couple enjoying their holiday. That may be true but then Kate Middleton is the future queen of England which puts a very different slant on things.

The good news for the royal couple is that the magazine claims to have even more intimate pictures of them which they will not publish. 

It may be wrong for these two people not to be able to lead normal lives without the press hounding them but then that is their lot and they must live with it. In future Kate, keep your bikini top on – risking a couple of strap marks must be better than revealing your royal breasts to the world.

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