Thursday, September 13, 2012

Will I be buying one?

Apple has just launched its latest version of the iPhone - the iPhone 5. It is 18% thinner than the 4S and 20% lighter. Instead of a glass back, the new phone has a one piece aluminium back and sides (much like my MacBook Pro).

Of course, Apple claim it is faster than the previous model thanks to the new A6 processor.

There are a couple of downsides for those of you keen to have the  latest model. First of all the connector has been changed to what Apple call a “lightning connector. That means that existing docks won’t work without an adapter. Secondly the phone takes a nano-SIM card so existing micro-SIMS will have to be changed.

On the upside, when all the licences are worked out, it will connect to the faster 4G network.
And the all important price: unlocked the 16GB model will cost £529. Contract customers will pay less.

So, to answer the question – NO I will not be buying one. I have to confess that I hardly use my current phone. When I want to surf the net I have my desktop machine and a notebook computer. When I want to listen to music I have an old iPod touch. More to the point, when I want to take a casual photograph, I have a nice little compact camera that does the job a lot better than any phone can.

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