Sunday, September 02, 2012

Out to get your money

The latest scam to hit the Costa Blanca coast involves phone calls telling people that their computers are putting out messages that are affecting large numbers of other computers. In fact there are so called bots that can actually do this so it sounds feasible until you stop and think about how they came by your phone number.

Naturally the crooks can offer a solution in the form of a program that will remedy the fault but it will cost money - quite a bit according to those who fell for the trap.

The phone calls apparently originate from Liverpool and Cairo but could come from anywhere in the world. Merseyside police are aware of the scam and advise people to ignore it.

What the criminals are doing is preying on people who have insufficient knowledge to understand that they are being taken for a ride.

Most people now will ignore those emails that tell you your online banking will cease to work unless you update your settings by going to a bogus site. They will also smell a rat when they are told that a parcel from UPS cannot be delivered and are invited to open a zip file that contains a virus.

The scammers therefore have to try new ways to fleece us and these phone calls are just one way they have discovered works for them. The scam is a double hit though because the innocent people who fall for it, not only pay for the program but also have to pay to have the program removed from their computers.

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