Thursday, September 20, 2012

That’s batty

One thing we definitely don’t like about the summer months are the mosquitoes. To be honest, we haven’t had one bite this year, quite why that is I don’t know.

Those who live near the salt lakes of Torrevieja get plagued by them. The lakes and the salt marshes are a natural breeding ground for the insects, so each year the town spends  lot of money trying to control them.The normal method is to spray insecticides and in particular, larvacides which are used just after period of rainfall when the insects go into a breeding frenzy.

Now, they are trying a new method of combating mosquitoes.

Bats feed on mosquitoes, an average of two thousand per night. So the town has installed bat boxes around the lakes in the hope that the mammals will take to them. It certainly sounds like a good idea.

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