Thursday, September 27, 2012

Did I say it was going to rain?

I was right, that cloud that was tailing the anticyclone has brought rain this morning to the area. Typical, it is market day down in Bigastro and the last thing they need is rain. Tomorrow is market day in Torrevieja, it looks like we could have more persistent heavier rain for that.

In preparation for the rain, Pam and I covered the material on the gazebo and the blind with polythene yesterday and put away the poles for the sun umbrellas. We also stored the cover and the seat pad off the swing seat in the shed. If the pool cover was still decent, that would have been put in place as well.

It is sad when you clear up all the things you have out for summer in readiness for winter but experience has taught us that, if you don’t do it, by next spring the umbrella poles will be full of rusty water and the material on the gazebo etc will be dirty.

The next job is to fold up the sunbeds and stack them in case we have gale force winds this winter.

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