Tuesday, September 04, 2012

That’s rubbish

The councillor for finance, Antonio González says that there are many households in Bigastro who do not pay their fair share for garbage collection. Some pay less than they should and some pay nothing at all.

Actually, that should come as no surprise to us since some households apparently don’t pay council tax either. A study has been launched to look into this.

Notionally,  the town divides the cost of the service by the number of houses to set a figure. Currently, those in the town pay 35 euros whilst we at Villas Andrea pay 50.

The previous mayor told us that the 50 euro figure came about because the council divided the extra cost of the service by the number of houses built on our urbanisation. I’d like to bet that other new houses, even those built after ours, pay 35 euros.

As Councillor González says, with more houses contributing to the cost, each should end up paying less. I think we'd all agree with that. 

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