Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A rough patch

The pact between the two political parties in Bigastro is going through a rough patch.  Although Charo Bañuls, as mayor, leads all of the council meetings she delegated the important areas of Town Planning, Education and Health to Aurelio Murcia. Decisions made by him do require the signature of the mayor though.

Now we come to the thorny issue of IBI, the property tax.

In his manifesto, Murcia promised a reduction in property tax. However, with a debt of over 20 million euros, the mayor has decided to increase the tax for this year. In fact, according to my bank account, Pam and I have already paid the higher sum. This could become a sticking point between the two parties who may need to renegotiate the agreement they signed following the elections in 2011.

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