Saturday, September 01, 2012

Day care

A group of former employees from the pre-school Bigastrin have formed a collective they call, Capital Coast Collective and plan to open a rival to their former employer.

11461883 La Casita Encantada opens it doors next week without a proper license. They made a request on July 2nd but as yet approval has not been granted. Aurelio Murcia explains that there are a few issues concerning ventilation, the evacuation route, emergency lighting and the lack of fire extinguishers that need to be addressed.  He also says that, what is on offer is more than a toy library and therefore comes under the jurisdiction of the government rather than the municipality. 

However, there will be those parents who have signed up for the service. It is only right that they know the situation clearly. 

NB The photo comes from a local paper.

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