Saturday, September 29, 2012

Not so lucky Jim

One of our neighbours, Jim, celebrated his 70th birthday in the open entertainment area that had been newly created at La Pedrera. Friends and family gathered on what they hoped would be a dry night. Luckily, there were large sun umbrellas meant to provide us with shade. Instead they kept us dry as it poured with rain for most of the evening. It was so bad that Tony Kelly, who was singing that night, took his shoes off and performed in his socks to stop himself from sliding on the dance floor.

Last night, five years on, Jim celebrated his 75th birthday at La Pedrera. This time though the party was inside so the rain was not going to spoil it. As it happened, all the heavy rain came earlier in the day – it remained dry for the whole time of the party and even stayed dry for people to go home.

Jim’s party was one of those special occasions that you would not have wanted to miss; the food was good, the entertainment excellent and the company was first class. It reminded Pam and I of the events that used to be held regularly up at La Pedrera when we first came here.

At that time there was a strong community spirit = we were all Brits working out our new lives in the sun together. With time, people have learned to make their own way, groups that formed have dissipated and the community has settled into a peaceful form of life. Occasions like Jim’s party are now just a welcome reminder of how it used to be.

Many thanks go to all those responsible for organising and preparing last night; congratulations go to Jim for looking so good at 75. Just one thing though, can you organise for better weather to celebrate your 80th birthday in five years time. 

PS Before you write to me to complain about all the mistakes I made in this post, let me explain that I have been battling with toothache for two days. The first appointment I can get with my dentist is for the 8th October by which time the problem will have either have gone or will have driven me up the wall.

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