Monday, September 10, 2012

It's been awhile

Followers of this blog might have wondered why there have been no posts since last Tuesday. Those who wander across to my Flickr album will know that Pam and I have been playing host to our daughters along with Miss Molly, our granddaughter.

At two and a half years old, Molly is as challenging as she is entertaining. You could say that she knows her own mind just like her mother did at the same age. Stil, she has kept us all amused and for sure, Pam and I have not laughed so much in ages.

Tomorrow, the three of them fly back to Manchester and so normal service will be resumed. It will be sad to wave goodbye though but it won't be for long. We already have our next trip to the UK booked and plans for a further visit later in the year. Next year, we have a villa booked in Mallorca for the whole family so we will have two weeks of fun in the sun right by the beach in Puerta Pollenca.

Many thanks go first to Molly for keeping us all so amused, to Laura for bringing her and for Jemma - the best Aunty a girl could have.

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