Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now that’s a pain

Neither of us has been to see the doctor for awhile now which means a) we have not had any problems and b) we have not tried to book an appointment. Now Pam needs an appointment to continue with her medication so I went online to book one for her.

First off Google Chrome (the browser I use most these days) said the site was unavailable. What it really meant was that the security certificate was out of date.

Next I tried FIrefox and that came up with the following screen:-







Now I know that Firefox is only trying to protect my interests but I’m a big boy now. However, there was no way round this, it was either “Get me out of here” or nothing.

Third attempt with Internet Explorer still warned me of the dangers but allowed me to continue.  

So eventually I was able to make an appointment online but those of you with just either Firefox or Chrome will have a real problem.

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