Monday, September 03, 2012

The all important weather


My daughters, along with Molly, arrive tomorrow for a week’s holiday. After the disastrous summer they have suffered in England, all three are looking forward to some Spanish sunshine but will they get it?

As those who were here know, July and August were hot – very hot! Most days we had the air conditioning on in the house from about midday. Even at night it was steamy especially during the first week or so of August.

In the last week, temperatures have dropped to a more reasonable high twenties to low thirties. Those temperatures will feel like bliss to our visitors who have rarely seen the thermometer rise above 20 this summer.

Although night time temperatures have dropped to the high teens and it might feel a little chilly outside, at least they won’t be tempted to sleep with the air conditioning on as our last visitors were.

PS I was considering sending my girls a text reminding them to bring fleeces but that would be both cruel and unnecessary.  

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