Thursday, March 27, 2008

Almost malware

The method Apple used to try to get its Safari browser onto my Windows  computer (pre-selected as part of a "Software Update" to iTunes and QuickTime) was, at best, cackhanded; at worst, downright sneaky. 

The last think I want is three Internet browsers installed, so when the offer appeared I turned it down. The fact that the box was already ticked to allow the download to proceed was cheeky.  Anyone not noticing that would have downloaded the new software along with "Bonjour" for Windows without realising it.

Why did they do it? Well apart from trying to get market share, they were aiming for some extra revenue. Apple and Mozilla both get payments from Google every time someone uses the built in search fields in their Safari and Firefox browsers. Mozilla got 85% of its income in 2006 by this method and Apple obviously wants a bigger slice of this action (they earn about£1m per month from Google at present).

I have always been a fan of Apple and the Mac OS as I have already said on this blog but not when they try tricks like that.

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