Sunday, March 02, 2008

Squashing the rumour

The 'Zoco' Sunday Market, near Montesinos is very popular with many Brits living here. Zoco has become an institution, and developed a reputation as one of the friendliest marketplaces in the area. It is one of the few markets of its type which is legally registered.

However, spirits have been significantly dampened recently, amid malicious rumours that it may face closure, due to the construction of a commercial centre on the site. The propaganda allegedly originated from one of the market's competitors, whose intention is to 'poach' both traders and punters from the established opposition.

Planning permission has been granted by Algorfa Town Hall for the construction of a 'Euroski' Supermarket in Montebello II. Further petitions are also being considered for a 'Carrefour' in Dolores and 'Mercadona' in Algorfa and an additional proposal has been submitted to the Valencian Government, for the siting of a multi- million euro shopping mall on the land which lies adjacent to the market place. However, its construction has yet to be approved in Parliament.

So it looks like the truth is that Zoco market will still be there for a long time to come.

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