Thursday, March 13, 2008

The crisis is starting to bite

Last Saturday morning two Bobcats and a JCB were parked outside Aurelio's house blocking the entrance to where he parks his cars. It appears that they were placed there by order of the Manager of Star Prosol, Ginés Ruiz.

The construction industry is facing a crisis and Star Prosol are having liquidity problems. Aurelio's house is owned by the company in which he has a one sixth share. The house has already been put up for sale but obviously the manager wanted to take matters further.

The diggers were temporarily removed but not before they'd taken the gate from the entrance to the car parking area of his house. The driveway is now blocked off by a temporary fence of green netting.

It isn't just the companies that are suffering though. The lay offs and the slow down of work in the construction industry have signalled an increase in crime in the area. One of our neighbours, who was burgled on the 14th February, has now had his car stolen. The thieves took the spare key on Saint Valentine's night and have now returned to take the car.

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