Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stop drinking, driving and smoking

It isn't good news for people in Britain already faced with rising costs of electricity and gas.

In Chancellor Darling's first budget:-

• Beer to go up by 4p a pint
• Bottle of wine to rise by 14p
• 11p added to packet of 20 cigarettes
• Government forces supermarkets to charge for plastic bags
• New showroom tax on gas guzzlers, zero tax on 'green' cars
• Child benefit to rise to £20 a week a year earlier
• Low income families get £50 child tax boost
• Winter payment for pensioners to rise by 25% to £250
• Fuel payment for over-80s boosted to £300
• 70,000 new homes to be built
• Fuel duty rise frozen until October
• £2bn of extra funds promised for British troops
• Darling cuts growth forecast by 0.25%
• Inflation to rise before returning to its 2% target in 2009
• Air passengers face paying an extra £10 on flights

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