Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Easter so we shop

It seemed that everybody and his aunty was going into Torrevieja yesterday. Many would have been heading for the N332 to get away for an Easter break: police reports talk of large tailbacks entering Benidorm and traffic jams around Valencia. The rest though seemed to be heading for Carrefour.

It isn't often that you find the car park at Carrefour full nor do they raise the new barriers to allow motorist in without a ticket. Yesterday though it was every man for himself as I struggled to find somewhere to park. Of course the habit that some have of parking across two spaces didn't help. I tried to park by the garage but the assistant spotted me and moved me on. Eventually, I found plenty of spaces in the area to the side of the shop where Pamela had told me to go in the first place.

Inside the shop wasn't much better as assistants struggled to keep the shelves full and it wasn't just food that was flying off the shelves. I got the distinct impression that people were preparing to lay siege. That was in spite of the notice at the entrance that showed the shop was open on Sundays as well as week days. In fact it was hard to work out just when Carrefour would have been closed.

In contrast Mercadona was relatively normal. It was either the rain or the fact that folks had spent up kept them away in the afternoon.

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