Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The best Garden Centre in the area

The Garden Centre in Bigastro helped us a lot when we first came to Spain. They not only supplied us with plants for our garden but gave us a lot of useful advice about what would and would not succeed.

You will have noticed though that the Garden Centre is now closed and may wonder where they moved to. The answer is Benejuzar next to the family finca Lo Rubes. The new premises are much larger and allow them to offer a wider range of plants and accessories.

The easiest way to find them from Bigastro is to follow the by pass around Benejuzar to the third roundabout. Turn right back into Benejuzar and then turn left at the at the sign for the Garden Centre. There is ample parking when you enter the premises.

Eva, the Polish girl who works there, speaks very good English and has an extensive knowledge of plants and garden design.

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